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Thoughts on 9x17 - Mother's Little Helper

Ok, I don't usually care about the backstory of minor characters - but now I am wondering more about Josie Sands. She doesn't have a tag on ff.net or LJ spnstoryfinders, and I am just not seeing any fic about her.
When Henry said "I don't expect you to understand, you don't have a fam-..." I wonder if he meant it solely in the 1950's sense of "you are unmarried and without children," or if something had happened to her family of origin. Were they wiped out by demons, spurring her to join the Men of Letters as her only recourse against them? Or had her family rejected her for being the type of woman to seek her way in a man's world?
What kind of woman signs up for the Men of Letters? Even if she weren't the first, it can't have been easy.

I am also wondering - but not getting my hopes up - whether there is any significance to the fact that she "let" Abaddon in, although A. pointed out, correctly, that permission was not required. Would permission grant the demon additional power? I want this to mean something because I want an explanation as to how a demon-possessed person went unnoticed by the Men of Letters for what must have been several days at the very least.

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