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Updates/Additions to Suicidal Sam - Compendium I - November 2, 2013

2 stories deleted:
I'm all you need by obliviousworlds
One shot. ""When you get back...I'll be gone. I-I can't do this anymore...I l-love you Dean. Thanks for taking c-care of me..."
Talk Me Off the Ledge by General-Senyaka98
One step and it was all over. He could end the pain he was feeling and prevent himself from causing anymore trouble.

13 stories added:

So Dean won't have to

Into The Dark by quarterwhore
Sam's afraid of turning darkside. But now he knows what he has to do.


such fragile, broken things by The_Bookkeeper (also here)
Sam wishes that Dean would just get it over with already.

Testing Lucifer's Promise

Free To Be Nothing But Us by winchesterkryptonite
Coda to 5x3 Instead of spitting it back out, Sam drank the blood and has to face the consequences on his own. Or so he thinks. pretty much broken Winchester brothers and how they drag each other back, no matter how hard it gets.

The Trouble with Apocalypses by She Who Cannot Be Turned
Sam slowly starts to realise that he really is alone in this. And seeing the distrust in Dean's eyes, makes him wonder what he should do to end it. Spoilers up to 5.14

It ends when you can't take it anymore

Burden by Katlove98
Sam is alone in the motel room waiting for Dean to come back with dinner when he starts thinking that maybe he is nothing more than a burden for Dean. Set in season 7 after Death's Door.

Mine by morganaDW (also here and here )
Fighting exhaustion, guilt, worry and hallucinations of Lucifer, Sam finally has enough one night and is driven to the breaking point. When Dean finds him, it’s not only the shock of what was happening that hits him but also a secret that Sam’s kept that forces him to either face one of his own or lose his brother for good.


Sam's Confession by morganaDW (also here)
The fights and bitterness between them have finally driven Sam past the breaking point, forcing him to make a choice that he might not return from. He leaves Dean everything including a heartbreaking confession on the

laptop that not only reveals some things Dean didn’t know of that lost year but also a startling secret that Sam’s kept for thirteen years…a secret that forces Dean to examine a lot as he rushes to not only save Sam but to face how much he’s willing to change. Season 8.

The Penny Dropped

Chances by Aeren
prompt: Sam quiere que Dean conozca a Amelia pero cuando llegan, Dean descubre que Amelia no es real

Starting Over by bgeesfan
I'll be fine. More importantly, Dean will be better off.

None of the Above

Nothing Without You by JensenAckles13
He's running out of time- time he doesn't have. His brothers about to do the unthinkable, alone, because he isn't there for him. Will he get there before he loses not only his way, but his entire world?

We All Fall Down by center_galaxy (also here)
The sky is alight and angels are falling down. And regardless of who you are, your eyes can't look away. WIP

When You're Not Around by innerglow
How Dean finds Sam in his mind from Season 9.
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