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Thoughts on 9x03

Were those *two* angels possessing suckered-by-televangelist!girl? No wonder she exploded.

How sad is it that I was willing to believe the boys failed to notice they had been tailed all day - I only knew they were going to get the drop on the reaper when I saw that Dean had pie.

I also correctly assumed April was toast (I suspect that most people did), since Castiel is now playing Sam (and v.v.).

Most chilling, upon reflection: that Ezekiel was able to exercise his vital angelic healing powers without any obvious physical manifestation. (I was really expecting the glowing blue eye flash). It is going to become more and more difficult for Dean to tell whether he is addressing Sam or Ezekiel.

With that in mind, it is time to look for a way to exorcise an angel. Perhaps Crowley will have some suggestions.

Over at TWoP a bunch of people are upset that we didn't see the conversation between Dean and Castiel at the end. It seems to me that the scene could be picked up right where it left off in the next episode and we still might get to see it.
Not that I want to; it looks to be painful for all concerned.

What happens if Abaddon gets her hands on Castiel?

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