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Thoughts on 9x02

1. How many keys are there to the MoL lair? It seems like Dean is always telling someone (Cas, Kevin) to hie themselves there, when there is not necessarily anyone home to let them in. Are they leaving the key under the doormat, or did they get copies made at Home Depot?

2. Is the Mol lair warded against angels? I think not, since they weren't in play when the bunker was originally set up. I think angel-proofing might be prudent, now. How would that affect Castiel (would it, now that his grace is gone?) and how would that affect Samekiel?

3. Are we going to have any scenes of Castiel being jealous of Ezekiel, since the new angel on the block still has powers? Maybe this could be fodder for Castiel second-guessing Dean's order to stay away.

4. I think it is interesting that once again, the baddie is running around because of something someone in the Winchester family has done. Mary made the choices that entangled them with Azazael. Dean and Sam broke the seals that released Lucifer and led to the Leviathan fiasco. Now we have Abaddon running around loose because Henry Winchester dropped her here and then the boyz couldn't let sleeping demons lie.

4a. What was Abaddon up to in 1958, anyway? Henry was obviously at least somewhat familiar with her/it. Are we going to get backstory?

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