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16 stories. As usual, some new, some not so much.
Some are from raiding chellexxx's Delicious account.

I had a lot land in Category: None of the Above. This is partly because I still don't have a snappy title for Dean-is-in-Purgatory-and-Sam-is-despondent, and partly because, well, there are just so many flavors of suicidal!sam.

So Dean Won't Have To

Let Me Bleed by Paige M. Carter
It would be so easy to just let himself bleed to death. Spoilers for 4x19 'Jump The Shark' Darkness and angst ahead.

Testing Lucifer's Promise

Happiness is a Warm Gun by supernaturalsammy67
A smoking gun had never meant so much before. Season 5. Dark.

His Entire World by lilballerette10
A much needed conversation with Bobby leaves Dean questioning his resentment towards Sam, and Sam being attacked by hunters just adds to the guilt. Tag to 5.03.

My Brother and Me by KKBELVIS
Short 'out of left field' snippet. Set right after the episode 5-10. -- "No!" A loud cry coming from the living room and something crashing against a wall, stopped the heated conversation. "Sam!" Dean bolted out of his chair.

I started the Apocalypse

For You, Id Do Anything by HappyBlushCalayapie
Sam didn't know Lilith as the final seal, and now, thinking of himself as a failure as a human being, is about to kill himself, when Lucifer shows up at his hotel room with flowers and love in his eyes. Samifer, may be continued later.

Work to Do by annie46
After the events of ‘Lucifer Rising’ – Sam just wants to have peace.


Lost Without You by Wincesteriffic Kaz
Sam hits a new low and makes a confession. Post 8x06 "Southern Comfort" a little angst and a lot of cheerful naughty.

Love of a Reaper by CrankyWhenProvoked
Dean is a reaper and more times than he wishes to count, comes face to face with a young man named Sam.

The Penny Dropped

25 Days of Hurt Sam (Chapter 21-Losing it All) by Center of the Galaxy
"Sam—" Dean begins, but Sam tightens his grip on the gun.
"Don't." He pleads. He can't bear to hear anymore about how he screwed everything up, how he left Dean to rot even though he was sure that Dean had died and left him all alone. He can't deal with one more disapproving glance from his older brother.

Lost Without You by Wincesteriffic Kaz
Sam hits a new low and makes a confession. Post 8x06 "Southern Comfort" a little angst and a lot of cheerful naughty.

None of the Above

Blood, Bone, and Family by brokenangel6662
Synopsis: Season 5. Something threatens Sam, himself. And it leads Dean, Castiel, and even Gabriel to reveal how they feel about the youngest Winchester. At least post-5x10

Day of Reckoning by kelhome
Tag to 6.11. Sam is back and Dean has to remind him that that's a good thing.

Maybe by white chocolate panda
Pre-series. Sam is failing to adjust to life at Stanford. He knows nobody, has no friends, and his family has disowned him. He tried to be happy at school, but he can't shake his regret at losing everyone he loves to follow what now seems to be a pointless dream. With no one to turn to and nothing to hold on for, can Sam dig himself out of his depression? Or will it consume him?

"It's gonna be okay. I've got him." by i-ve-got-him
Dean finds out about Sam’s attempted suicide after Dean went to Purgatory.

Old Yeller Style by iliketocolor
Set in the beginning of Season 8. Cas isn't back yet, but Dean is, and Sam can't stand that he'd left his brother to rot in Purgatory while he got a girlfriend and a dog, trying to live a normal life. After Dean finds Sam with his
own gun to his head, the boys have a heart-to-heart.

Perchance to Dream by geminigrl11
Dean helps Sam sleep, with unexpected consequences.

The ABC of Limp Sam (Chapter 19) by Lonnie
Chapter 19: S - Suicidal
- Alt. ending to "When the Levee Breaks" and "Lucifer Rising"

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