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In honor of Sam's birthday - updates to suicidal!sam deathfic!

Updates/Additions to the Suicidal!Sam Compendium II



Just Another Day, Right? by key-to-life
Can father and son patch things up or will it forever be too late.

Dean's Deal

Ultimatum by Quintessentia
There is nowhere to go from here... Sometimes Sam thinks too much.

It ends when you can't take it anymore

Saving Grace by Aquila Tempestas
There's no cure but death itself.

None of the Above

Find a Way to You by Sweetlovies
Takes place after the season 7 finale. Sam tries to get to Dean, anyway he can.

I Would, If But Only I Could by Black-Angel-001
Set about S2, one-shot. Sam's tired and doesn't care anymore.

Perspectives by ithuriel788
In hindsight, it's obvious that Sam was planning to run away again all along. All the signs were there. WIP