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Updates/Additions to the Suicidal!Sam Compendium I

Sixteen "new" stories - a few have been out for whiile and I only just found them, but most are new. I'm still trying to come up with a name for a Purgatory/post-Purgatory category, if anyone has any ideas.


Stuck by brightly_lit
Things go from bad to worse in a small Wyoming town until Sam and Dean are stranded in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard, where there's nothing to do but talk about all the things they've never been able to before--things that may be better left unsaid.

Doesn't go to Stanford AU

Miles Before I Sleep by silverkit (also here)
Sam tore the letter up six miles outside of Wadsworth, Wisconsin, population 881.

Dean's Deal

Death Declines by Dollar Short
Sam told Dean that he had tried everything to rescue him from hell, but there was one thing he had tried that he would never tell his brother.

So Dean won't have to

Dawn by Center of the Galaxy
Sam's at the end of his rope and is ready to end it all. At least this way, Lucifer won't be able to use him to start the apocalypse. With Dean and Bobby both gone, Sam's sure that he'll be able to do this in peace.

Now Comes the Night by kaly
Secrets and lies, however well intentioned, come with consequences. Spoilers for 2x01, speculation for 2x05. Gen.

One Bullet by PiratelfDair
AU between Croatoan and Hunted. If John had said Sam was part demon, and if they still had the Colt, this could've happened. A discussion between the brothers brings out an old issue and resolves a new one.

To Save a Life by Ryla Dante
He did not turn around, but his hands dropped to his sides. In his right hand was Dean's automatic. Jesus Christ. The kid's Swiss Cheese had slid off its Ritz.


Cold Equation by ithuriel788 (also here)
He wonders if reliving his own death would really be so bad, if it could be like this one looks to be - warm, peaceful, just slipping away.

I Started the Apocalypse

Dark Dreams, Darker Destinies by vlbuelhe
What if Dean wasn't the only one who got a preview of coming attractions in "The End?"

Why Did You Do It by I Love Supernatural
In the aftermath of the events that took place in 4.22, Sam faces Dean.

Testing Lucifer's Promise

Four Days Later by simply.kaleidoscope
As he sips his coffee, a thought slips unbidden into the officer's mind: Asshole could've waited five minutes until my shift was over to kill himself.

Hold On by Amy Renee
Dean's heart was suddenly enclosed in an icy vice-like grip. His eyes widened and he found himself unable to move. Sam continued to stare at the gun intently, and Dean had guessed what that intent was.

Open Air by BatTitan
"What theory?" That looks suspiciously like a bullet wound. But Dean knows every scar his brother has received almost better than his own past injuries, and that scar is not one of them.

The Penny Dropped

Their Own Sense of Normal by Butterflies in Glass
Sam's year alone wasn't so cut and dry and Dean had always known his brother was a good liar. What he can't figure is when Sam got good enough to lie to him, too. Pre-8x01 to 8x15.

None of the Above

A Broken Heart Beats Too by AxlM
1.22. AU. Sam shot his father when the YED possessed him. Now he's desperate to make it up to a broken and angry Dean, and his hurtful words and actions grows his desperation even more. long

Retrospective by ithuriel788 (also here)
Dean is certain that Sam is planning to run away again. He's right, sort of.

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