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As I mentioned in the November 2 post, I just haven't been on the lookout for new stories like I used to.  I am still personally following A Second To Last Chance by AngstyAly on fanfiction.net and To Kill The Monster Within by Lady_Akuma_Wolf on AO3.  I still read some regular hurt!sam, but y'all know where to go for that.

I have no immediate plans to delete the journal here, but if SHTF it is mostly duplicated on dreamwidth, although I don't think the links will necessarily work, but you would still have the list itself.

So I may or may not post anything new, ever, we'll see.  In case this is goodbye, I'd like to say thanks to borgmama1of5 who has always made me feel welcome here, and chellexxx whose delicious and Pinboard I shamelessly mined.  And apologies to rirren, I think I overstepped somewhere, sorry.

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May. 3rd, 2018 10:18 am (UTC)
I'm in the middle of writing a Suicidal!Sam story, or perhaps it should be labeled as a recovery story. Anyway, I dedicated it to you via AO3, it's called "Begin to Be (If I Could)". It's a WIP, but honestly I'm just happy I'm writing again, and I don't know why, but your deadline inspired that. Cheers to you, love.