May 2nd, 2017


Updates/Additions to Suicidal Sam - Compendium I - May 2, 2017

Updates/Additions to Suicidal Sam - Compendium I - May 2, 2017

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7 stories added:


A Second to Last Chance by AngstyAly

Sam Winchester shot himself nine years ago, leaving Adam and Dean to pick up the pieces of their lives and take on their father's hunt for the yellow-eyed demon. Now they've been zapped back into the past, just in time to stop their teenage brother from pulling the trigger.

I started the Apocalypse . . . and all I got were these lousy Enochian sigils

No Sympathy For You by Karen Winchester

Season 5 - Bobby wasn't possessed when he said those hurtful words to Sam. The younger Winchester didn't go to the library. Sam heard what Bobby said, and well, he decided to do what his father ordered Dean to do a long time ago. He had to save the world, but from him. Dean and Bobby to the rescue.

Dean's Deal

I'm With You You by Center of the Galaxy

If Dean thought Sam would just give up on trying to undo the deal, then he didn't know his baby brother at all.

Testing Lucifer's Promise

So Dean Won't Have To Do It


I'm Always Going to Need You by FictionalNutter

After being attacked by his fellow hunters and visited by Lucifer, Sam is teetering on a precarious edge. After Dean confirms that he still doesn't want to get back together, Sam starts to fall off that edge. When Dean returns from his
field trip to the future, Castiel lets him know that Sam is in danger, and Dean has to put away his own anger in order to put his brother back together again.

So Dean Won't Have To Do It

To Kill The Monster Within (WIP) by Lady_Akuma_Wolf

I used to wonder, if I pretend for long enough that I’m ok, maybe I’ll believe it, too. Everyone else has already been fooled, so how much harder do I need to try to make it real? I used to wonder about that, wonder about it a lot. But not anymore. Now I know it doesn’t matter. Because everything is still inside of me, and it’s never going to go away. The guilt, the hatred.

The truth.

The monster.

Sam has finally had enough. While Castiel and Dean are both out of the hotel room, Sam writes a letter.

You're my brother. I would die for you.

With or Without You You by 79hogwarts83

After Dean leaves him, seemingly for good, Sam is ready to give up.

None of the Above

Reasons by Garunala

Dean finds a notebook in Sam´s duffel and can´t resist reading it.