February 8th, 2014


Seasonal suicidal!sam

Certain seasons have produced specific sub-genres of suicidal!sam.
Season 2: afraid-of-going-darkside!sam
Season 3: can't-face-Dean's-Deal!sam
Season 5: guilty-about-starting-the-apocalypse,afraid-of-giving-in-to-Lucifer!sam
Season 7: hallucinating-tormented-by-Lucifer!sam
Season 8: Dean-would-be-better-off-with-Benny-as-a-brother!Sam

So here we are in season 9, and apparently it is in JP's contract that at least once per episode his character must remind someone that he was ready to die, should have died, everything is wrong because he didn't die, etc.
Where are the fics for this? Folks are still writing suicidal!sam, I have enough for a compendium update soon; they just aren't writing for this season.

All I have for S9 is zubeneschamali's Time To Let Go. And I love her work and I mean this in the nicest possible way, only because her writing is overall so good - this isn't even her best suicidal!sam story.

My theory is that this season is less appealing, story-wise, because Sam's death-wish is less subtle. Is that the problem? Or is it something else?

And does anyone have any more Season 9 suicidal!sam stories?