October 12th, 2013


Thoughts on 9x01

1. I am headconning Robo!angel!Sam as being on account of the discomfort/disorientation of an angel inhabiting the vessel intended for and briefly occupied by Lucifer.

2. This would be a great opportunity for one of the newly-vesseled angels to walk up to Sam and declare "There is a hole in your mind."

3. I would like to see the boys get in trouble with a gang of angels, whereupon Sam starts in on the angel banishing sigils, prompting Dean to freak the hell out.

ETA: For some reason I decided to fixate on what was up with Kim Schortz/grief counselor. What, she was just coincidentally vessel material? On third viewing, I realized they had set her up earlier by having her describe herself as "a prayerful woman who believes in miracles," so I guess she's covered. I was worried for a minute we were straying out of "angels can only occupy a willing vessel" territory.