March 8th, 2013


Updates/Additions to Suicidal Sam - Compendium II - March 8, 2013

Updates/Additions to the Suicidal!Sam Compendium II

Dean's Deal

Forgive Me Dean by LCFC
Dean gave his soul for Sam. Can Sam carry on without him?

Join Me in Death by crystalchain
It almost feels like somebody's ripped his still beating heart out of his chest and torn it into thousands of little pieces until there's no blood left to bleed.


But The Silence Is All We Know by fireglass
Sam remembers the age old adage: up the street, not across the way.


Ever Lovin Baby by verucasalt123 (also here)
It started the way you’d think it would start. Two teenage boys who shared a room and sometimes just one bed, rarely having contact with anyone but each other.

Thank You For Not Loving Me by WaitingToBeBroken
Sam is sick of being only a way to relieve the tension for Dean. He is tired of fighting. What he wants is just one kiss, is that so much to ask?