ex-bettenoire (ithuriel788) wrote,

A Very Special Compendium Update

Today is only halfway through the compendia update cycle, but I have to make a shameless plug right now for A Second to Last Chance by AngstyAly on ff.net. It's one of my favorite stories and was just updated for the first time in over a year.

Summary: Sam Winchester shot himself nine years ago, leaving Adam and Dean to pick up the pieces of their lives and take on their father's hunt for the yellow-eyed demon. Now they've been zapped back into the past, just in time to stop their teenage brother from pulling the trigger.

WIP at 28K words.

This story is different from the core suidicdal!sam fic in which Sam decides to do the world a favor and Dean stops him in the nick of time - and I do love those, or I wouldn't be here - but Angstly'Alys story delves a lot more deeply into the pain that would drive that kind of decision, as well the pain of those left behind. Good read.
Tags: compendia, spn, suicidal!sam, update
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