ex-bettenoire (ithuriel788) wrote,

Unanswered Questions 12x07 Rock Never Dies (a week late, I KNOW)

1. What is wrong with me that I am wondering how Rosaline oriented her little ode in blood? I mean, did she carve it to be read from her own POV (that is, upside-down, left-to-right), or in a sort of mirror image (right-to-left) so it would be oriented correctly for someone opposite her? I am thinking the latter, given the scenario of all-about-Vince. That would be tricky to do while losing a lot of blood at the same time.
Less grossly, imagine you are writing someone's name on your chest with a Sharpie. How would you do it?

2. Why was Crowley the only guy in the room explaining the appeal of adoration by the little people? I would have thought a former Godstiel could have added to that conversation.

3. Lucifer can't play guitar. Fine. Wait, isn't that one of the things God/Chuck </i>did learn during his spare time? Call out, or random?

Tags: episode, spn
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