ex-bettenoire (ithuriel788) wrote,

About Nov 2

Season 12 spoiler

So my kid lives seven times zone away.  Because she is an awesome kid,
she is aware of the time difference.  So today  I had to account for why
I was answering email at one a.m.  I explained that November 2 is
significant to my fandom and I needed to post something on LJ* (and if
you are reading this, you probably didn't miss it, but it is
suididal!sam update day).
(Scheduled entries: that clock is lying)
I've mainatined this update schedule for a couple of years now, but for the first time in a while
found myself justifying it in my head:  Well, Mary died on Nov 2, and
Jess died on Nov 2 .....oooohh, wait, Mary just left again, what
day is it in the spn universe? Because it is pretty close.

*(FTR, I didn't wake up just to post; I was awakened by anxiety over
something else entirely and was making the best of it)

Tags: rl, spn
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