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Updates/Additions to Suicidal Sam - Compendium I - November 2, 2016

Updates/Additions to Suicidal Sam - Compendium I - November 2, 2016

Fewer additions than usual this time. Not sure if I'm not looking hard enough, or if the writing pool has changed, or what. I do think that there is a challenge to writing suicidal!sam set post Season 7, and this was reflected in Sam's S12E1 snappy comeback to Toni. Come on, what else can happen that would put him over the edge after he has survived what he has? But I do appreciate everyone trying to answer that question!
Hey, for people who follow tumblr, since I don't, if you see anything over there, would you let me know?

On another note, I've changed some of the category names, if you could call them that, courtesy of Hamlet, which just lends itself to this, you know? It opens with an encounter with a ghost, features a protagonist desperate to avenge the death of a parent, a doomed love interest, pivotal dialogue whilst gravedigging, a character named Osric, and, of course, everybody dies at least once.

8 stories added:

Doesn't go to Stanford AU

Keep the Empty From His Eyes by Lenelle

John gets what he wished for, Sam pays the price. Pre-series.

Can't Stop the Music

Asia, again by Jeavan

It's Tuesday again and Sam can't take it anymore. When he tries to end it in the most final way possible, Dean is lost for answers.


Adrift by Center of the Galaxy

But perhaps, Sam never even really knew his father. Not while he was alive and certainly not now that he had passed away. But the regrets and the lingering questions that kept racing through his mind? Those just might haunt him for the rest of his life. *A study of Sam and John's relationship throughout the years.

Be My Escape by Center of the Galaxy

If Dean won't fulfill John's last orders, then it falls to Sam. After all, father knows best. And if John thought that there was even a chance Sam might go evil, then that's all the youngest Winchester needs to carry out his final order.

None of the Above

Because the Beyond Called by mentholpixie

Dean is a large, dark blur wavering above Sam's face, identifiable only by the smell of gun oil and leather and the fact that he's here while Sam's feeling like death.

None of the Above ALL of the Above

A Letter To My Brother by toratio

For the Experimental Bingo square 'epistolary', a final letter from Sam Winchester

at least that's what they tell me by The Bookeeper

Sam's fine. Except that he hasn't been, ever.

Your Sins Into Me by heavenofhell

(Set in S7) Sam has had enough. He's tired of fighting, and can think of only one way out. But things have never gone according to plan for Sam Winchester.

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