ex-bettenoire (ithuriel788) wrote,

Random thoughts about 12x03: The Foundry

My unfulfilled wish at the beginning of the episode: I wanted SOMEONE (another hunter, or better yet, Crowley) to question Dean's manhood, for being 34 years old and still hunting with his MOM.

My curiosity, by mid episode: Was this a shout-out to Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The second Hellmouth was in Cleveland. And there had been a considerable story arc on that show concerning Buffy's adjustment to being back in the world after she'd been ripped from Heaven - where she had been happy - by her friends, because THEY wanted/needed her back.

My question, at the end of the episode: Is Mary going to get an anti-possession tattoo?

My speculation, about the about the motorcycle: WHEN Mary returns, I hope it will be on that bike, with a Steppenwolf soundtrack.

My voices in my head that I probably shouldn't listen to: are wondering about all the fanfiction devoted to these two hot guys sharing a cheap motel room, wondering who will be first to write a story adding Mary to that mix
Tags: spn
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