ex-bettenoire (ithuriel788) wrote,

A Cry For Help

I'm looking for a story. Why aren't I posting on spnstoryinders, you ask? Because it isn't spn/j2 fic, it's Hercules/Xena. Since it isn't my fandom, and I'm just looking for the one story, I will never come across it randomly because I am not reading anything else in that universe, have never even seen the shows.
So, any closet Hercules fans out there? (Didn't see it listed in anyone's Interests). Who is the chellexxx for that fandom?

The story I'm looking for is suicidal!Iolaus (what a surprise). It was longish, hurt/comfort. I *think* Iolaus was kidnapped and there was some noncon. After he was rescued Hercules and Xena were taking care of him. The two were sitting by a fire, old friends, tired, leaning on one another. Iolaus was feverish/hallucinating, decided they were supposed to be together and he was supposed to be dead, so he snuck off to Aphrodite's temple and stabbed himself. The Goddess of Love was Not Happy at the bloodshed in her sanctuary.

I haven't found it on Delphi, AO3, or fanfiction.net. I read this story in the dark old days (circa 2001) before there were a lot of fanfiction archives, when this (NSFW) was my only resource for this sort of fic. I think I probably got there via that site, but not directly.

Long shot, but I thought I'd try anyway.

Um, anyone who helps me will be thanked profusely on the next suicidal!sam update.

ETA: I mean the fandom is Hercules/Xena. The story is Hercules/Iolaus
Tags: fic
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