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11x22: more questions than answers

[I totally lack the discipline, time, and writing ability to deliver any meaningful episode commentary. But I could not let this one pass.]

1. Who ARE these people?

2. Why was landing in the Middle Ages such a dealbreaker for Clea, unless the show is suggesting that Europe was the only inhabited part of the planet between the fifth and fifteenth centuries? And even if it was, am I to believe a powerful witch wouldn't be able to throw up a glamour to appear any way she wanted to? Their real problem is going to be their horrible accents.

3. I really appreciate that Crowley and Rowena still loathe each other. I like it that Lucifer may have bought in to Chuck's excuses for lousy parenting, while Crowley never fell for Rowena's.

4. Ever since the boys got the bunker, I have worried about them losing it. Considering the role of fire in their lives, and the fact that the bunker contains a library, and the fact that every single baddie in their universe knows about it, I worry a lot about it burning down. When Amara showed up, I was more worried about the real estate than the characters.

5. On seeing the Mark appear on Sam's arm, I realized that, somebody, somewhere, is going to be writing threesome Sam/Dean Amara fic . . . unless they already have

6. Am I the only one who wished Amara had said, "No, he's just mostly dead"?

7. Did Chuck really dump Becky Rosen because of her "vibrant sexuality?" And how does Sam feel about being "rebound guy" for God?

7A. The fist time we met Becky, Chuck contacted her to convey a message (to the Winchesters). Angels are messengers. The last we heard of her, she had uploaded the unpublished Winchester gospels. If this show had any continuity, she would be the next Scribe of God.

8. I'm going to go watch Ghostfacers now.

Also, I would like to thank borgmama1of5 for pointing me towards some good reviewers/recappers*) because frankly, reading reviews was more enjoyable than most of what I watched this season.


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