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Episode 11x02 musings

We don't know yet if Death actually died. If he did, they'd better tell us where he went - Heaven, Hell (Cage?), The Empty? If Billie knows about The Empty, so does Death. Is that where he was offering to send Dean to fix his little MoC problem?

Never doubted they were going to kill off Jenna. We already have a brunette female LEO in the know raising an adopted child, and if she needs backup there's that blonde LEO in the know from Fargo.

I don't have a problem that Dean left Crowley alive. Mark has a contract, after all. I am bothered that both Dean and Crowley were willing to walk away and leave a perfectly good angel sword embedded in the wall. I'm pretty sure Crowley has one of his own, and Dean might have spares, I've lost track, but you still can't just order replacements on Amazon.

What is the potential relationship between Crowley and the Darkness? On the one hand he was all "Unknown horrible Big Bad, let's be careful" and then he was all "What could be more natural, come to Daddy." Here's the thing: the last older-than-old enemy was the Leviathans, and they thought Crowley was some kind of insect. I can't see The Darkness having any higher opinion of him. I totally don't think a few snacks are going to win her over because even though the "FEED ME" scene was giving off a big "Exorcist" vibe, what I got from it was a callback to Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors. With Crowley starring as Seymour.
Also, I do not think The Darkness is going to tolerate Crowley (or Rowena, when she shows up) being mean to Dean.

WARNING, INAPPROPRIATE APPLICATION OF LOGIC AHEAD: Until now, Death and God seemed to be the oldest entities in this universe. If The Darkness hasn't heard of Death, it appears to be the older. How would something develop an appetite for souls if souls didn't yet exist? Because it seems to me that the trading market for souls didn't come into play until Heaven and Hell got into the business.

ETA: Huh. I currently have 666 items in my Inbox.

ETA again - and this is why I will never be doing regularly scheduled reviews, I simply cannot gather my thoughts -
1. Like many viewers, I kinda tuned out the Castiel-gets-tortured-by-angels scene, because, really, was anyone asking for more of that? But on rewatch I realized that Castiel, shackled to the chair sweating and angry and popping off the metal shower cap like he was channeling Bruce Banner, looked exactly like Morpheus doing the same thing in The Matrix, right down to the rogue interrogator in a business suit who had commandeered someone else's body.

2. I am not the only one who did a double take at seeing Sam cure himself with a holy flaming marshmallow. Am I the only one who noticed that even though he was willing to burn the evil right out of his flesh, he was not willing to singe his hair, and pulled it out of the way first?
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