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I started the Apocalypse (suicidal!sam)

(and all I got were these lousy Enochian sigils)

A Brother To Be Proud Of by Micaiah
I'm doing what I should have done the day the hell hounds came for you.

And He Shall Lead You Home by lissa_ann (also here)
If the knife could kill demons, then it could kill him as well, as close to a demon as any human could be.

Burn Your Name by smash86
A demon kidnaps Sam and tortures him when he's at his lowest. Sam, being Sam, thinks he deserves it after all he's done.

Bye, Sam by Britt Kay (also here)
"G'bye, Dean." Sam whispered into the night as he raised the gun to his head

Dark Dreams, Darker Destinies by vlbuelhe
What if Dean wasn't the only one who got a preview of coming attractions in "The End?"

Detox by no_candle_mom
Sam lowered his head and nodded slightly. “He… Adam said that you’d be better off without me,” he admitted in a whisper.

For You, Id Do Anything by HappyBlushCalayapie
Sam didn't know Lilith as the final seal, and now, thinking of himself as a failure as a human being, is about to kill himself, when Lucifer shows up at his hotel room with flowers and love in his eyes.

I Have Dreamed of Hope Departed by eveofnigh
Sam’s irredeemable, his sins too black to be forgiven.

Jumping Waves by Sunny33
Then I see that he's holding the Colt.

Just To Get A Glimpse Beyond This Illusion by ALostEcho98
'The road to hell is paved with good intentions.' He knows that now.

If There Be Thorns by supercellchaser
'Self loathing ate through Sam night and day. As he and Dean fought more and more, Sam hated himself more and more. Hated his life more and more. Wanted it to end more and more.' Sam/Castiel H/C.

Last Good Deed by sometimesspn

After Dean goes to Hell, Sam just wants to do one thing right. And then there's Ruby. And then there's blood. And he just wants to do one thing right. And then Lucifer's out. And he figures it out.

Sinking to the Floor by A Thing For Brothers
Knowing Dean was out there somewhere, hunting him, Sam knew he had to just end it himself.

The darkness within by die Autorin
It was already too late to be saved, so Sam should do what Dean couldn't do. It would be a win-win situation after all.WIP long

Work to Do by annie46
After the events of ‘Lucifer Rising’ – Sam just wants to have peace.

You're Stuck With Me by TrekkieL
Sam can't cope with being a hunter anymore, so decides to end his life. As he places the barrel to his temple, he apologises to Gabriel, not realising the Archangel can actually hear him. Gabriel is less than happy with Sam, and attempts to help him by sharing a winter memory. Established Sabriel. Some Destiel.

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