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Testing Lucifer's promise (suicidal!sam)

(The only way to win is cheat)

A Simple Kind of Man by Safiyabat
“Can’t even freaking die right, but it’s not like you need to worry about it, okay? Besides, I thought we were picking hemispheres.”

Blood Spatter by Veronique Roux
When they were finally left alone, Dean glanced over at Cas. 'D'you think he's alright?' Cas didn't look at him at first. 'I doubt it.' But now he turned. 'But this is Sam we're talking about, Dean. When has he ever been 'alright'?' He used those heinous air quotes again, but Dean didn't find it funny this time.

Cognitive Realignment by Blue_Jay
To Sam, Dean is everything he needs and doesn't need to be. The amulet showed that and when Sam needed verification that what was going on in his head was really just his imagination, all he had to do was look to his brother and it was there, a constant reminder. And it was always with them, every second of every day.
Until it wasn't.

Come On, Oblivion by gothpandaotaku
Dean's left him, and well... Sam has nothing but Oblivion to look forward to.

Destruction by sylvanelfqueen (also here)
Sam doesn't think twice before stepping in the street and into the path of a speeding SUV.

Diablerie by mara-isamoose
"No matter how many times I try..." Dean's eyebrows knitted together in confusion. He was almost afraid to ask what that could mean. 'Try what'"He just keeps bringing me back." Sam's voice cracked, just like Dean's heart. "Bringing you back from what, Sam?" Sam's only response was clicking off the safety of his gun.

Each Our Own Devil by tohereandnow (also here)
I will kill myself before letting you in. And I'll just bring you back. Sam takes Lucifer at his word and Dean kills monsters. They learn that they keep each other human. Set primarily after 5x03 and 5x04.

Epiphany by lanri
Sam Winchester, vessel for Lucifer, decides to never say yes. And no matter what, he'll stick by that.

Escaping Destiny by jasmineisland
Set after Dean told Sam to pick a hemisphere and hung up on him in S5. Sam realizes that he has to stop Lucifer from taking him for a vessel. At all costs.

Fixing the Damage by FictionalNutter
Based on a prompt about Sam getting poisoned while he and Dean are at odds. Dean is gone, and Castiel is the one to come to the rescue.

Four Days Later by simply.kaleidoscope
As he sips his coffee, a thought slips unbidden into the officer's mind: Asshole could've waited five minutes until my shift was over to kill himself.

Giving Up Is Hard To Do by authoressnebula
'I'd hoped to see you again, before...but. I kinda figured it wasn't ever going to happen. You needed me gone, and I understand. Bobby said you were doing okay with Castiel, and I'm glad. He'll make a good partner.'

Happiness is a Warm Gun by supernaturalsammy67
A smoking gun had never meant so much before. Season 5. Dark.

Here We Still Remain by vail_kagami
With Lucifer tormenting his dreams, Sam fears sleep so much he sees only one way to get any rest at all. It's not pretty, but it does the job, and Sam is nothing if not pragmatic. Dean doesn't need to know, but then, he doesn't seem to care anyway. As Sam slowly crumbles under the weight of exhaustion, guilt, and his brother's mistrust, it's Castiel who unexpectedly reaches out to him - but the solution the angel offers might well be worse than the problem.

Hindsight 20-20 by The Bookkeeper (also here)
Being in the same room isn't the same as being together. Someone decides that Dean needs a little extra kick to get him back in gear with his brother before it's too late.

His Entire World by lilballerette10
A much needed conversation with Bobby leaves Dean questioning his resentment towards Sam, and Sam being attacked by hunters just adds to the guilt. Tag to 5.03.

Hold On by Amy Renee
Dean's heart was suddenly enclosed in an icy vice-like grip. His eyes widened and he found himself unable to move. Sam continued to stare at the gun intently, and Dean had guessed what that intent was.

I Promise by JediMagnet09
Dean will figure all of this out. He'll end the apocalypse and then I'll really die, because Lucifer won't be here to bring me back.
Even as darkness closed over his vision once more, Sam couldn't help but feel hope at that thought.

Knocking on Death's Door by dark_shadow85
Sam's depressed after he finds out he's Lucifer vessel. During Dean's time in the future. Sam decides to test Lucifer's theory and see if he really will bring him back, but the angels find him first and refuse for the 'tainted one' to complete such a sinful action. Once Dean comes back and tries to call Sam, Sam doesn't answer.

My Brother and Me by KKBELVIS
Set right after the episode 5-10. -- "No!" A loud cry coming from the living room and something crashing against a wall, stopped the heated conversation. "Sam!" Dean bolted out of his chair.

My Sacrifice by siyafa (also here)
Sam's guilt finally catches up with him and he does something drastic. Dean is left to pick up the pieces.

Never Again by BroodyCheery323
After everything he had put Dean through, should he call him? Did he deserve to?

Nightmare by RainbowBetty (also here)
There were many times Sam woke up screaming. And Dean never stopped feeling helpless.

Nothing Man by zubeneschamali (also here)
AU coda to 5.03. Dean goes to Oklahoma after hearing about Sam's encounter with the hunters. What he finds when he arrives horrifies him.

Nowhere to go but Everywhere by spoons1899  (also here and here)
“Dean, it was a long time ago, and obviously it didn’t work, so can we just—”

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? by kelhome
Dean's heart had kicked up. 'Back up. You 'tested it out?' What the hell does that mean?' Sam shrugged. 'Sliced my wrists in the bathroom. Woke up the next morning, good as new. Anyway, what do you think of the salt and burn thing. Might work, right?'

On the Inverted Undoing of a Boy King by sarahjeanne21
“Dean?” His voice was groggy and wrecked, and Dean wondered if he’d just woken up from slitting his wrists again.

On the Side of the Road by jasmineisland
Prompt: Back in season 5, after Dean and Sam split up; Sam hitchhikes, thing is, the angels are out to tear him apart.

One Shot by authoressnebula
One shot. Two brothers. It’s all that either of them have to prevent a sad and bloody ending, and for better or worse…they’re both ready to take it. Partially AU, post-episodes 5.03 and 5.04…and not a one-shot despite the title!

Open Air by BatTitan
"What theory?" That looks suspiciously like a bullet wound. But Dean knows every scar his brother has received almost better than his own past injuries, and that scar is not one of them.

Practical Application by ratherastory  (also here)
He's apologizing. Again. Except that he's apologizing for not being dead, and Dean wants to scream and shake him and hit him as hard as he can for being so goddamned stupid and pig-headed and thinking that dying was going to fix anything.

Sam's Revelation by Quiet.crash
AU where Sam decides to test out Lucifer's words and then it all just goes downhill.

The darkness within by die Autorin
It was already too late to be saved, so Sam should do what Dean couldn't do. It would be a win-win situation after all.WIP, long

The Lucifer Problem by FictionalNutter
Dean and Sam try to make it work, but after Heaven, it becomes clear to Dean that it would be best to separate. Sam decides to let Dean stop the apocalypse, while Sam takes on the Lucifer problem. After all, if Lucifer doesn't have a true vessel to take, he'll be that much easier to defeat. Sam goes off the grid, and not even Castiel can find him.

The World Ends With You by tangledaria (also here)
Sam comes back to life with a gasp, choking on a mouthful of blood.

This Bewildering House by lustmordred
It occurred to Sam that he might be developing an overactive case of paranoia. But then he remembered the Devil in his head and had to think for a few minutes about whether or not he’d been talking to him aloud as he shopped. He didn’t think so, but he couldn’t be 100% sure.

Wasted Vessel by clown_or_midget (also here)
The only thing in the room outside of the ratty furniture was his green duffel, and that held nothing but a couple of changes of clothes, his knife, and his gun.

We're Going Down, Down, Down To Mephisto's Cafe by fightlikeagirl
He's methodically cleaning his guns when there's a whisper like feathers behind him, and he doesn't have to turn around to know what it is.

When Satan Takes You Over by sylvia37 (also here)
After his talk with Dean in the panic room, Sam decides that the only way to keep Dean from saying "yes" to Michael is to take things into his own hands so he enlists Castiel's help.

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