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Voicemail (suicidal!sam)

(There's no going back)

And He Shall Lead You Home by lissa_ann (also here)
If the knife could kill demons, then it could kill him as well, as close to a demon as any human could be.

Blackened by epicallytired
'This is who I am. So if you won’t kill me… just… let me. Just let me…die.”

Cold Equation by ithuriel788 (also here)
He wonders if reliving his own death would really be so bad, if it could be like this one looks to be - warm, peaceful, just slipping away.

Epiphany by lanri
Sam Winchester, vessel for Lucifer, decides to never say yes. And no matter what, he'll stick by that.

failure to communicate by hardlygolden
After the flash of light faded, all that was left is the two of them. Coda to 4.22.

Five Times Dean Doesn't Kill Sam and One Time Sam Begs Him to (again) by sarahjeanne21
5 + 1 set in season 5, directly from the point they're zapped onto the plane. There are some miscommunication after the voicemail, Sam thinks Dean wants to kill him. WIP

Live to Fight Another Day by kelhome 
To be honest, he thought it would be a relief for Dean. To finally be out from under rock of 'take care of crazy, demon-infected Sammy.'

Monsters Don't Cry by LeilanaIce
Sam stood in the bushes, pulling the gun from the back of his jeans and staring at it. At least it would save Dean from having to do this, right?

Nothing Else Matters by starbright73 (also here)
'Guys, I'm sorry. Please, salt and burn. Love, Sam.'

Reap by Tyranusfan
Sam's brain wasn't up to processing all of this. *The angels changed the voicemail?* Tag for 4.22 Lucifer Rising.

Scales by roxymissrose
'Okay, quick, though, please. Forget everything else, okay, we were brothers. You cared about me. Sorry, I'm really sorry. Fuck.'

The World as we Know It by debbiel66
“You were right, what you said on the phone. You were right about all of it. I don’t blame you, Dean. I won’t try and stop you.”

Voicemail by SPNxBookworm
'I know you tried hard to save me. I know you're tired of it. I know you won't have the strength to do it yourself. So, I'm doing it for you.'

What You Don't Know by Quiet Crash
Dean comes back from Purgatory and finds his brother domesticated and withdrawn from the hunting life. Naturally he jumps to the conclusion that Sam abandoned him to find his cursed normal while Dean fought for his life. He should have known not to assume anything when it came to his little brother.

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