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Can't Stop the Music (suicidal!sam)

(Heat of the Moment)

After You by Aerith Queen of Cetra
This time, Dean... I'll go first. One-shot

Asia, again by Jeavan
It's Tuesday again and Sam can't take it anymore. When he tries to end it in the most final way possible, Dean is lost for answers.

Count for the Sacrifice by Welcome to my House of Mirrors
Routine. The human brain's self-preservation at its finest. When Dean decides to add 'die' to the daily schedule, Sam has to make some adjustments to his.

Day Seventy-Four by caranfindel
Day 74 in Broward County. Sam is falling apart; Dean tries to help put him back together.

Last Resort by rirren (also here) and here)
Dean keeps dying and Sam can't change that. But Sam's last resort might just be the last thing he ever does.

Like Groundhog Day by foolscapper
Prompt: " . . .So, after countless Tuesdays, let's say Sam's gotten a little desperate."

Over and Over and Over Again by center_galaxy
He still dreams about it.

Redux by center_galaxy
If there is a way to break out of here and save Dean, then he has to take it, right?

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