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Today I am thankful for

Today I am thankful for the authors of the four WIP stories I have been following, because they have actually finished, or are clearly going to finish their stories. I appreciate that they made the time to follow through, I know it wasn't always easy.

lady_emebalia - Could You Just hold Me?

Rating: NC-17
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, OMC, Bobby Singer, OFC
Pairings: Sam/Dean/OMC, side-pairing: OFC/various OMCs
Warnings: non-con, dub-con, explicit sexual content, mind control, incest, (sexual) violence, gore, homophobia, language (including homophobic slurs), OC death (not Nick)
Summary: The Winchesters have shielded Nick from the supernatural as best as they could but that doesn't keep the supernatural away from him. Fourth in the NickTheHooker'verse.

the_green_bird - Gentle Giant (from a kink meme prompt)
Pairing: J2
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 15,870
AU, dragons, bonding
Jensen's village suffered horribly at the hands of a dragon that took up residence in the nearby mountain and demanded virgin sacrifices in return for not destroying the village. When the dragon eventually decides to leave, the village is relieved.

Years later, another dragon decides to take residence in the mountain and the people of the village fear history will repeat itself. An older Jensen is determined to keep his friends and family safe goes to the mountain to offer himself to the dragon. The dragon that he encounters is nothing like he expected.

Jared is still very young for a dragon. While looking for a new home, he comes across a promising looking cave system in a mountain beside a small village. With some work, he soon settles in happily with his treasures. Jared is more than confused when a young man from the village shows up at his cave.

When Jensen explains the history of village and why he has come to the dragon, Jared's impressed by the human's bravery and self sacrifice. There's also the fact that Jensen is incredibly attractive. Jared instantly falls in love and decides to court Jensen. Good thing his other form seems to be rather appealing to humans.

fallenforsupernatural - My Shooting Star
J2, au, special!Jared
Jared is a special man who has a passion for dogs, helping people, and a heart as big as a lion. Jensen adopts a dog from the shelter where Jared works, and the two are inexplicably entwined.

valyriaa/Valyria - Consort (from a kink meme prompt)
Destiel, au
An arranged marriage fic set in a Medieval AU where Cas is a widowed King (around 30 maybe? kids optional) and he agrees to a treaty with 'King' John to help the Winchester kingdom win against Crowley's army. Dean doesn't know the details of the treaty until he ends up in the wedding chapel next to Cas with soldiers watching him making sure he can't escape.

Trigger Words: